Do you like TV shows and are you looking to find an ideal place to live? I have a recommendation for you, a place in the sun Lanzarote is the solution, continue reading.

A place in the sun Lanzarote” is a British lifestyle program, broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, where they help people find the “perfect home”, either in the same territory where the program is made or abroad, in recent years they have performed in other parts of the world such as Florida and the Caribbean. Lanzarote is also one of the most requested destinations by listeners of the program, and Lanzarote Agents has had the pleasure of being part of this experience for years that we have been collaborating with the A Place in the Sun program, helping many people to make their dreams of having a home in the sun.

This television series has many options for you to get to know and choose the property that you like the most, since it has a wide catalog of properties for sale and they make the appropriate reviews of each one of them, showing their buyers options for their taste.

a place in the sun lanzarote

What is A Place in the Sun Lanzarote

The television series A place in the sun, is a program that shows British couples the ideal place to buy properties abroad, having a requirement and that is that the cities have a sunny climate. The dynamics of the series is to show the couple or person who wants to acquire a property from three to five properties within their budget, the technical team is in charge of doing this investigation, to proceed to show it to the presenter and from there provide the people all the information about its purchase, operation and maintenance.

After visiting all the homes, the couple is interviewed to give them their opinion on how the properties seemed to them and finally the purchase decision is finalized. The program has expanded so much that it is now looking for properties in countries such as: Bulgaria, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Croatia, among others.

Where can I watch the TV show?

To watch the successful series “A place in the sun”, you can connect to channel 4 or also on its streaming platform, where you can find all the episodes that have been broadcast and thus not miss any of them. An important fact, if you want to watch episodes through the television channel, the time they are broadcast is at 3 p.m.


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In which places do A place in the sun?

There are different places where the A place in the sun program takes place, some are: Spain, Greece, Portugal, Florida, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Dubai, among others. Currently they seek to expand to different places that have a tropical climate to do the program.

How to buy in A place in the sun?

To buy a property in the A place in the sun program, the first thing you have to do is decide in which country you would like to buy and in this way you will request information by sending them an email, about the details, the type of house you are looking for and attach a photo.

Once this process is done, you must wait until the team selects you and then you can appear in the program, buying the house you have always wanted. On their main page they explain the entire selection process.

Who are the presenters?

The program A place in the sun, has many followers around the world, because it is a series that has many tips, news and sales opportunities that are very useful for people who are in the process of selecting homes. As their success is so great, they must have very popular presenters, here we name some of them:

●Amanda Lamb
● Seetha Hallett
● Simone Bienne
●Victoria Hollingsworth
●Fay Davies
● Zilpah Hartley