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Properties for Sale in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

The best Properties for sale in Puerto del Carmen can be found here.

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How to sell a property in Lanzarote Puerto Del Carmen

The sale of properties in Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen can be done in several ways. You can do it only with your own means and resources or with the help of a real estate agency that allows you to do things easier and faster.

If you do, you will only have to take into account several things: the time you must dedicate to the sale of the property will be higher, since you will be in charge of promoting it, showing it to potential buyers and managing all the sale and purchase paperwork. of the property.

If you do it with the help of a real estate agency, you will have the ease of delegating the most tedious tasks when selling a property in Puerto del Carmen. They will be in charge of managing the advertising and showing the property to whoever is interested. They will also be the connection and management point, since they will create (in most cases) the paperwork for the purchase and sale of the property.

The important thing is that you choose a trustworthy real estate agency that is located on the island. From Lanzarote Agents, we have a team capable of giving you the best advice so that you can sell your property at the best price.
Here are some simple steps that you should take into account when managing the sale of your property in Puerto del Carmen:

  1. Valuation: find what is the right price and how much your property is valued.
  2. Choose your real estate agency: Lanzarote Agents is your best option, contact us for better advice.
  3. Agreements: with the real estate company, it reaches economic agreements in which both parties can win.
  4. Price and offer of the property: Take a little time to identify a strategy in which a discount can be given to the potential buyer or an attractive offer.
  5. Purchase sale with the real estate: final step to be able to manage the sale of the property.

Main characteristics of the properties in Puerto del Carmen

Privileged location: Puerto del Carmen has a strategic location in the southeast of Lanzarote in the municipality of Tías. This allows us to value our home at a higher price than that of another property.

Good raw materials: In general, the old properties of Puerto del Carmen used to be white in color and some built in volcanic stone or wood. Nowadays we can see the use of cement to create strong and basic structures, following the same line of the old constructions, but with a higher quality and resistance.

Size and privacy: We usually find properties that allow us to be away from other homes if we want to. The size is important since the constructions of houses in Puerto del Carmen are made with the climate of the area as a reference, which is usually very spacious and comfortable.

Available services: the properties in Puerto del Carmen have all the basic services available. It is true that some luxury properties in this town may have other additional services such as swimming pools, large common areas, etc. However, most are suitable for quiet and comfortable living.

Advantages of buying a property in Puerto del Carmen

One of the biggest advantages of acquiring a property in Puerto del Carmen is its location. It has two beautiful beaches called Playa Grande and Matagorda. Being a town in the municipality of Tías, it becomes the second most populated in Lanzarote.

For tourists it is another attraction because it is a few minutes from Lanzarote airport. Its main beach (Playa Grande) offers visitors countless possibilities for relaxation and fun. Like all the towns in Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen is also very popular for its climate, since the sun is present almost all day and year. People from Puerto del Carmen always have a smile on their face and are very friendly with tourists who visit the town.

How to buy a property in Puerto del Carmen

You can buy a property in Puerto del Carmen physically or start the negotiations through an online channel. In the end it is always important to see what you are going to buy in person or have a reliable estate agent and on line viewings are also very helpful.

If you are a foreigner, you must meet the minimum requirements to have the house of your dreams in Puerto del Carmen. The first requirement will be to have a NIE that identifies you and second a bank account in which you can manage all the financial issue.

What is the price of a property in this town?

Prices vary due to the locations, features and benefits of the properties. An approximate range can be from € 80,000 to € 1,200.00, although there may be more expensive properties with luxuries in detail and a special location.

What is the best location for a property in Puerto del Carmen?

In any town in Lanzarote, be it Playa Blanca, Costa Teguise or Puerto del Carmen, the best locations will always be by the sea, with the best views, sunsets and where you can live an unforgettable experience.