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Bungalows for Sale in Lanzarote​

The best bungalows for sale in Lanzarote.

Fabulous Detached 2 Bedroom Villa on a Front Line Complex

For Sale
598,500€ Bungalow, villa

This Fantastic villa is located on a small and very privilege location on a front line complex in Playa Blanca at 1 minute walk to the sea promenade and 5 min walk to Marina Rubicon, one of the best locations in Playa Blanca, with all amenities on offer on your doorstep. This luxury property is...

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2 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms

Why buy a bungalow for sale in Lanzarote?

Bungalows for sale in Lanzarote are the best way to enjoy a different lifestyle. Generally this type of property is one-storey and oriented to tourism. Although there is also the possibility of living and settling in one of them as they have most of the comforts to enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the area.

Buying a bungalow in Lanzarote has many advantages, as you can enjoy a wonderful climate, the beach and the wonders of our island, unlike buying a bungalow in a more mountainous area or far from the sea.

Most of the bungalow constructions on our island have the latest technology, combining the traditional with the modern. Their swimming pools and gardens make the task of natural decoration more stupendous, they become magical spaces to enjoy a weekend in the company of our children and family.

There can be a thousand reasons to buy a bungalow in Lanzarote, if this is your idea and your dream, we help you to make it come true!

How many bedrooms do they usually have?

The number of bedrooms in the bungalows in Lanzarote is very variable. Although most of them have more than two bedrooms, it is normal to see them equipped for large families, because one of its main focuses is tourism.

If you are looking for a bungalow in Lanzarote, here is a link to one of the best and most beautiful bungalows we have at Lanzarote Agents:

Charming one bedroom bungalow in a complex with communal pool.

How much do they cost?

The cost of the bungalows depends on their size, location and characteristics. We can find some economical ones from 100.000€ with one or two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and private swimming pool. On the other hand, there are bungalows that cost up to 700.000€ because their comfort and characteristics increase notably, also the difference lies in the location of the bungalow, if it is close to the beach or with sea views.

Where can I buy a bungalow?

The best way to buy a bungalow for sale in Lanzarote is through a real estate agency that will provide you with all the security at the time of the sale and purchase of the property for sale in Lanzarote.

Sometimes you can find bungalows in auction, through public entities that leave these properties at the disposal of the competent authorities. These properties are usually at a very economical cost and with very good characteristics.

At Lanzarote Agent we have a qualified team to give you the best options of bungalow type properties for sale or any other style. Contact our real estate agents and they will give you all the information you need.

How to buy a Bungalow for sale in Lanzarote

To buy a bungalow for sale in Lanzarote you proceed in the same way as if you want to buy a flat or a villa. There are some main and essential steps in the purchase of any property which we will see below:

1. What is my budget: It is essential to know what money we have to buy our bungalow.

2. Choose bungalow: According to your tastes and needs, it is good that before you start looking you already have clear how you want the property.

3. Book bungalow: It is an important step to start fulfilling your dream, with this reservation the property is almost yours and you will be sure that the real estate agency will not sell it to someone else.

4. Contract: Initial contract where all the agreements between the buyer and the seller are set out.

5. Notary, title deeds and property registration: This is the last step, where the lawyer registers the property in your name.