Find your paradise in Lanzarote with Rightmove Lanzarote: Your ideal home awaits you!

Rightmove is a UK-based property search engine with listings worldwide, including the beautiful island of Lanzarote. This platform has become one of the most popular ways for users to find properties on the island.

Currently, searching portals are very popular, as they offer us all the information of the market and since we can get any service we need through these platforms; How many times have you not searched for your house or some other type of product through these means? For this reason we are going to show you a site that will be very useful to you, if you are looking to acquire a property, where you will know the best offers that the real estate market has.


What is RightMove Lanzarote?

Rightmove Lanzarote is one of the many ways users can find properties on the Rightmove search engine, specializing in properties on the island of Lanzarote. Originally a joint creation of four prominent European real estate agents in 2000, Rightmove became Rightmove plc in 2006 when it went public on the London Stock Exchange. Now part of the FTSE 100 index, this platform operates with a model that serves both a broad audience looking for properties and advertisers wanting to sell or rent their properties through agents.

How can Rightmove sell a house in Lanzarote?

Rightmove Lanzarote is a quick and easy way to search for properties on the UK-based Rightmove advertising platform for real estate agents, facilitating the connection between property owners and potential buyers or tenants. If you’re a property owner looking to list your house on this portal, you need to have an agent. In this regard, Lanzarote Agents can be your best ally, offering not only the possibility to sell your property but also guidance on all necessary procedures


Do the exercise and ask yourself what is important for you - we are happy to assist you during your search

How often does the information on Rightmove get updated?

Rightmove is efficient in updating information. Once they receive notification of a sale or rental, they conduct a review through relevant records, and in approximately a month, the updated information is reflected on their website.

How to perform a search on Rightmove?

Performing a search on Rightmove is straightforward. Enter the area or postal code in the search bar on the homepage, select “for sale” or “for rent,” and then adjust the filters according to your preferences. If the search yields no results, you can easily modify the criteria.

RightMove Lanzarote
After following all these steps, you will access a new window where you can change all the filters, to better locate the property you are looking for and thus be able to find the perfect property. Remember that if your search does not give results or you want to change searches, you just have to go back to the filter options and change the criteria you chose. choose: “for sale ” or “for rent”.
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Following these steps is very simple and even more so on the rightmove portal, so go and look for the property you have dreamed of so much, which you will surely find on this platform, with incredible prices.

How can I perform a search using the “keyword sorting” option?

For more precise searches, Rightmove offers the “sort by keywords” option. Simply click on “Add keyword,” enter the features or additional requirements you are looking for, and get ideal results for your purchase.

How can I do these searches?

To carry out specific searches, you only have to use the ordering by keyword, you click on it where it says: “+ Add keyword” and then you write the additional characteristics/requirements that you want that your property has and you give it ENTER, they immediately go to you appear ideal properties for your purchase.

Property Search Portals

In addition to Rightmove, it is worth noting that there are other property search engines in Lanzarote that users can explore to find their dream home. 

In addition to Rightmove, it is worth noting that there are other property search engines in Lanzarote that users can explore to find their dream home. 


a well-known platform that also offers a wide variety of real estate options on the island. With multiple options available, users can benefit from the can benefit from the diversity of platforms and find the property that best suits their needs and preferences.


Kyero is a real estate portal specializing in overseas properties, including popular destinations such as Spain, where Lanzarote is located. It offers a wide variety of properties, from apartments to villas and rural houses.


aplaceinthesun is another real estate portal that focuses on overseas properties, designed primarily for those looking for a residence in the sun. Like Kyero, this portal offers a wide range of properties in different locations, including popular destinations in Spain. aplaceinthesun provides detailed information on properties, as well as articles and tips on buying property abroad.


ThinkSpain is a real estate portal that focuses on properties in Spain. It offers a wide variety of options, from urban to rural properties. In addition to property search, ThinkSpain provides information about the Spanish real estate market, relevant news and useful tips for potential buyers.

Rightmove Lanzarote FAQ

What is Rightmove Lanzarote?

Rightmove Lanzarote is an online platform specializing in real estate that focuses on offering properties on the island of Lanzarote. It provides a wide range of properties, including houses, apartments, and land, giving users detailed information about each property available for sale or rent in Lanzarote.

How can I use Rightmove Lanzarote to search for properties?

Rightmove Lanzarote is an online To search for properties in Lanzarote through Rightmove, simply enter the keyword “Rightmove Lanzarote” into your favorite search engine. This will direct you to the Rightmove website, where you can use search filters to refine your results according to your preferences, such as property type, price range, and desired locations.

Is it safe to rely on Rightmove Lanzarote to find properties on the island?

Yes, Rightmove Lanzarote is a reliable and well-known platform in the real estate industry. The platform works with trusted real estate agents in Lanzarote, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information about available properties. However, it is always advisable to conduct additional research and, if possible, seek the advice of a local real estate professional to make informed decisions.