Currently, searching portals are very popular, as they offer us all the information of the market and since we can get any service we need through these platforms; How many times have you not searched for your house or some other type of product through these means? For this reason we are going to show you a site that will be very useful to you, if you are looking to acquire a property, where you will know the best offers that the real estate market has.


What is RightMove Lanzarote?

Rightmove Lanzarote is a UK based company, with the UK’s largest real estate portal and property website, becoming a number one platform for property sales and rentals.


This business was created in 2000 between four leading real estate agents throughout Europe: Halifax, Countrywide plc, Royal & Sun Alliance and Connells. At first it was decided to call it “ Limited”, but in May 2006 it was listed for the first time on the London Stock Exchange, becoming what we currently know as Rightmove plc. Its growth has been so great that in 2007 it bought 67% of Holiday Lettings Limited and is part of the FTSE 100 index.
This online portal has two operating models, the first serves a large “audience” to have a list of properties and the second is for advertisers, people who want to sell their properties through agents or agencies.

How can Rightmove sell a house in Lanzarote?

Please note that Rightmove Lanzarote is an advertising platform for UK estate agents, rental agents and new home developers. If you are the owner or landlord of a house and you want to advertise on this portal, you must find an agent so that your properties can appear on this platform, as we told you at the beginning, because, if you do not have an agent or agency, rightmove will not let your house be published for sale.
If you are trying to find an agency or real estate agent to sell your house, contact Lanzarote Agents, which will be your best ally, so that you can not only sell your property, but we can also provide you with the necessary advice on all the procedures you need.


Do the exercise and ask yourself what is important for you - we are happy to assist you during your search

How long does it take to update your information?

The platform is very efficient in updating your information, since, at the moment of receiving the notification about the sale or rental of the property, they do a review through your HM Land Registry and the Scottish registries, checking that everything is in order , to proceed to publish the information on its website. This process lasts about a month, that is to say that on a monthly basis we obtain updated information in rightmove.

How can I start doing a search on Rightmove?

We are going to tell you the steps you must do to carry out your search on the rightmove site:
To start doing a search on this platform, the first thing you should do is enter the area or zip code in the search bar on the home page, then you will click on the option you want to choose: “for sale ” or “for rent”.
RightMove Lanzarote
After following all these steps, you will access a new window where you can change all the filters, to better locate the property you are looking for and thus be able to find the perfect property. Remember that if your search does not give results or you want to change searches, you just have to go back to the filter options and change the criteria you chose. choose: “for sale ” or “for rent”.
RightMove Lanzarote_2

Following these steps is very simple and even more so on the rightmove portal, so go and look for the property you have dreamed of so much, which you will surely find on this platform, with incredible prices.

How can I perform a search using the “keyword sorting” option?

If you want to find more exact results and without resorting to so many searches, you can enter the option that rightmove created “Classification by keyword”, which will allow you to locate the house of your dream by means of a more specific characteristic or requirement and without having to click on every ad.

How can I do these searches?

To carry out specific searches, you only have to use the ordering by keyword, you click on it where it says: “+ Add keyword” and then you write the additional characteristics/requirements that you want that your property has and you give it ENTER, they immediately go to you appear ideal properties for your purchase.