The house you looked at today and wanted to think about until tomorrow may be the same house someone looked at yesterday and will buy today. 

– Kaki Adasi


Spanish people use to stay “Do not start the house with the roof” – and we think you should use this philosophy to strategically select a suitable property for you. We have created a list with the 7 most important points you should consider when establishing your personal criteria preferences and requirements of your dream house:




When thinking of the location, you should ask yourself the following questions: Would you rather be in a vibrant hot spot close to restaurants, shops, bars, etc. or live in a quiet country side area? What is really important to you proximity to facilities or space and tranquillity? What is important to you when you are on a holiday? 


Cause/ Intention


The cause or intention of the purchase is very important when choosing your dream holiday home. Are you looking for your second residence in Lanzarote that you can escape to every time you feel like it? Or are you looking rather for an investment property that you can rent out to holidaymakers? Maybe a mix of both?


Amount of bedrooms


Your need for space might vary: since you are not spending to much time here, you might not need the same amount of bedrooms as at home or can sacrifice some living room space. Or maybe you have a big family that will visit once in a while?




Unfortunately no one of us gets younger so accessibility should be considered before deciding on which property to purchase. You might still choose a two-storey house but with the comfort of having at least one bedroom on the ground floor.


Pool or no pool


A holiday home should not be missing a pool – especially if you have kids that love to swim. But of course it might not be a necessity if you are not using it often enough and implies work and costs.


Size of the built area and garden size


Have think of the right amount of space you need and want – and overall that you want to maintain. As said before your preferences might change when you are in your second residence, you might focus more on the outside space and configuration than the size of the built area.


Views: Sea or mountain views


What would you prefer to wake up to, the volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote or the Sea? Keep in mind – you cannot have everything in life! There is no perfect house – only you can make it perfect! 


Do the exercise and ask yourself what is important for you - we are happy to assist you during your search